IEC Lightning Update – Summer 2014

Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a great summer.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.


  • Its official folks!!!  NYU has no set protocol or written policy for responding to applicants who check the box.  It seems, then, to be at the discretion of the individual admissions officer.  NYU offered to check if it was possible for us to either help review applications or train those who do. Unfortunately for all, no matter who reviews the box, it can be onlyan oppressive barrier to admissions.


  • We have been in conversation with the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, the NYU Prison Education Initiative, Dean Gabe Starr, Dean Susanne Wofford, and Professors Bryonn Bain, Piper Anderson, Shabnam Jandani, Pedro Noguera, Joshua Aronson, Jonathan Zimmerman, Goerge Shulman Michelle Fine to name a few of the IEC supporters.


  • Thank you to SSC for your warm reception at our last meeting on 4/3/14.  We are excited to meet you again in the Fall and we will be in touch by the end of summer with those individuals who expressed interest.


  • On 4/10/14 we faced administrative resistance when we met with the VP of Enrollment Management and Assistance Vice President and Dean of Admission for their support in removing “The Box” from the NYU application.


  • At the NYU town hall in The Kimmel Center for University Life (4/14/14) Sexton briefly heard our case for abolishing the box, where we asked if remarks made by the VP of enrollment management reflected the administration at large. Sexton said the words would not come out of his mouth and he didn’t want to put any in that admin’s mouth.  He then told a story from his first year teaching at NYU LAW school wherein: one of his best students is a person who was once incarcerated; Sexton went on to testify at his character and fitness interview, which is required of all who pass the NY Bar exam:…For further reading:  Sexton then said: “I don’t know enough about the back [brief pause] as i stand here, about the background rules. There may be requirements that I don’t know, in other words what may be needed is more systemic change in which NYU could play an advocacy role, in which case, I’d have a strong inclination to do so.  I’d have to find out about that.” He then asked us to send him an e-mail to get him up to speed, which we sent to him. If the conversation goes on, we’ll let you all know. Hear the exchange:



  • On 4/25/14 we meet with the Dean Council. The Deans were very supportive and suggested that we work to influence the Common Application. Each Dean who spoke (not all of them did) said they support our campaign. We look forward to further dialogue as the fall semester approach.



  • While our meeting with the VP of Enrollment Management and Assistance Vice President and Dean of Admission on 4/10/14 was very difficult and quite sad, we had a much more productive meeting with Linda Mills on 6/10/14 and will continue our conversations with the administration before Fall.


  • We reached out to the faculty senate and are interested in a meeting at the start of Fall.


  • We held two successful IEC retreats in May and June to further develop our community and campaign strategize for the Summer and upcoming Fall semester.



  • We working closely with the Education from Inside Out Coalition (EIO coalition on developing a conference for the fall semester that focuses on student organizing at the intersection of higher education and mass incarceration


  • Look out for us in the Fall!


What are you up to?

Keep in touch! Send us updates! Yes we are serious. We’ll reach back out to you before Fall and we hope you all thoroughly enjoy the summer!


Sincerely yours,




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