We Will Bring Everyone: Abolishing “The Box” and Administrative Violence at New York University

Check out our collectively authored piece on Administrative Violence at NYU, published by Claire Potter of “Tenured Radical”:


“Don’t come to my games. Don’t bring Black people and don’t come”
Donald Sterling, Former NBA owner

African American males do not want to go to college. “It isn’t in the culture.”
Vice President of Enrollment Management, New York University

What The Incarceration to Education Coalition (IEC) calls “The Box” is a question that requires college applicants to report “criminal” records of any kind. New York University began to ask about “The Box” in 2005. In 2006, NYU joined the Common Application, which officially added “The Box” to its preliminary questions in that same year. Although every single NYU undergraduate applicant over the past nine years has had to answer this question, admissions officers have neither developed, nor been given, a policy, formal rationale, legal support, or training as to how this information is used. “The Box” persists despite empirical evidence that suggests that criminal history screenings on college applications do not predict future participation in campus crimes* or academic achievement….

Over the last 6 months, our coalition has spoken with student and administrative leaders at NYU about….

Read the rest here (and yes, this is the same link as above the Sterling quote!!)


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