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We Will Bring Everyone: Abolishing “The Box” and Administrative Violence at NYU
A guest post on The Chronicle written by IEC regarding the Coalition’s first meeting with NYU administrators. IEC Intro – 2 Pager
A quick run-down on the coalition, who we are, what we are doing, and how you can get involved.

Letter of Recommendations for Equitable Admissions – Oct 14th 2014
An open letter to Linda Mills, Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life at New York University, outlining the Coalition’s goals, and recommendations for changes to University policy. 

Response Letter to Linda Mills – Oct 24th 2014
After reading IEC’s letter of recommendations, the University proposed a statement regarding prior criminal convictions.This letter was sent to Linda Mills in response, expressing IEC’s dissatisfaction with the University’s attempted reform.

The Human Cost of Administrative Absence
An open letter to New York University charting the administration’s refusal to take IEC’s recommendations seriously regarding the THE BOX, and a summary of the Coalition’s Abolish THE BOX campaign. This piece is a follow-up to the “Letter of Recommendations for Equitable Admissions”.

Perpetuating Mass Incarceration at New York University: an Update from the Abolish THE BOX Campaign @ NYU
The most recent account of IEC’s work on the Abolish THE BOX campaign at NYU.



Checking the Box: Enduring the Stigma of Applying to Graduate School Post-Incarceration
Paper written by one of IEC’s organizers: Andrew Cory GreeneBack to School Guide to Mass Incarceration and Access to Education
These guides were hidden among supplies at the NYU Bookstore and the Staples near campus at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. 

Abolish “THE BOX”: A Campaign for Racial and Economic Justice at New York University
A description of the THE BOX and the Coalition’s campaign to abolish THE BOX at NYU. The piece includes a critical analysis of risk on college campuses, and explanation for the imperative of abolishing THE BOX. 

Abolish the Box: Moving Beyond Criminality in Addressing Sexual Violence
A guest post on the Crunk Feminist Collective written by IEC unpacking concerns surrounding formerly incarcerated individuals on college campuses and sexual assault, and the racist, heteronormative assumptions therein. 

NYU University Senate Votes YES on Fossil Fuel Divest!!! (…And Environmental Injustice is Still Racism…)
IEC’s congratulations to NYU Divest, and our analysis of environmental justice, colonialism, and racism.