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 Organizers, Supporters, and Allies are committed to the goals of IEC and the campaign to “Abolish the Box” at institutions of higher education. There are many ways to participate in and contribute to the coalition’s activities and strategizing.

To become an IEC Supporting Member or Organizer, review the steps below and complete our membership form.


How to Become a Supporting Member:

  • Attend at least 1 IEC event, meeting, or action every month
  • Offer specific resource(s) related to any of the following: Social Media
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Research
    • Base Building – Outreach and Recruitment
    • Planning and Coordinating Actions
    • Traditional Media (newspaper, television, films, radio, etc.)
  • Speak with IEC Organizer’s about mission and values.


How to Become an IEC Organizer

  • Actively promote, uphold, and maintain accountability and respect to IEC’s mission, members, and the people to which IEC is responsible
  • Stand in solidarity with directly impacted individuals and communities and hold space for those not able to be active in the organizing process
  • Be an active participant and leader in IEC campaign(s) and organizing
  • Actively contribute to IEC campaign planning & strategizing
  • Develop and share relationships and resources to support IEC organizing
  • Build body of knowledge to support and raise awareness to “Abolish the Box”
  • Share the administrative burden of organizing
  • Create and build a strong digital presence and infrastructure for IEC’s work
  • Contribute to recruitment, membership and leadership development

Our Decision-Making Process

IEC organizers shape all decisions. Decisions are made with a 100% consensus during meetings.