We believe in the importance of continuously educating ourselves and each other. Taking the initiative to grow through education is a key step towards social change. Please use to the coalition literature and resources below for your reference. If you have any questions or want help on looking for other resources, feel free to reach out to us.

If you are a member of the press, please refer to our letter and guidelines.

Resources from IEC allies & other organizations:

Education from the Inside Out – Policy Brief 
This brief debunks many myths surrounding the use of policies that look at criminal histories. 

Education from the Inside Out – White Paper
This paper analyzes SUNY’s criminal history screening policy and its implications.

Education from the Inside Out Fact Sheet 

Center for Community Alternatives’ Report: Education Suspended – The Use of High School Disciplinary Records in College Admissions
This report highlights the discriminatory nature of high school disciplinary practices and recommends that universities stop screening for disciplinary records. It also discusses the growing criminalization of youth of color and youth with disabilities.

Center for Community Alternatives’ Report: The Use of Criminal History Records in College Admissions – Reconsidered
This report shares results and analyses of a national survey on criminal history screening processes. It also addresses some misconceptions about the correlations between public safety and screening practices.

Center for Community Alternatives’ Report: Boxed Out – Criminal History Screening and College Application Attrition 
This report takes a comprehensive look at screening policies and their implications, and provides a tremendous amounts of insight. The report also contains statistical analyses and policy recommendations.

Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions: An Open Letter to Our Friends on the Question of Language
This letter was written by Eddie Ellis, founder of the Center for NuLeadership. The letter discusses humanizing language that people in the movement and media should use when talking about mass incarceration and directly impacted people. 

Education from the Inside Out Coalition’s Student Organizing Toolkit:
This toolkit was created to help you organize on your campus to stop criminal history screenings in your school’s admissions process. 

[VIDEO] Passport to the Future: Accessing Higher Education in an Era of Mass Incarceration:
This is a short documentary about barriers to college admissions for applicants with criminal records.

NYU Local Coverage of Abolish THE BOX
Article written by NYU student, covering the campaign to Abolish THE BOX at NYU.