I support Abolishing the Box because I believe in everyone’s fundamental human right to have an education. This right is inherently linked to our right to life. Education in its very nature is liberating and empowering. No matter what someone has done, they still have the right to better their position in society. And the box disproportionately affects groups that are already disempowered by the way our world works. I think specifically about those with mental illness. Society would rather imprison someone with schizophrenia than get them the therapy and medication they need. This is mainly because it is easier for us to forget about the problems plaguing our society if we hide the people that represent those failures of our system to provide justice and empowerment for all. We are scared to challenge those norms. I want to Abolish the Box because I believe that if you can educate yourself, you can liberate yourself. And I know that everyone deserves that chance to be liberated.