The Incarceration to Education Coalition’s (IEC) “Abolish the Box” campaign is one of the most important student-led movements of the twenty first century. Premised on the grand democratic ideals of equity and inclusion, “Abolish the Box” represents the best of an American abolitionist tradition. Not only is “Abolish the Box” morally and ethically upstanding, it comes at just the right time: we are in a moment where universities across the country are being asked to “walk the walk” (when it comes to the issue of diversity and inclusion) instead of simply “talking the talk.”
Banning the Box is a responsible, pragmatic attempt to radically democratize the face of higher education in the United States. Students across the nation have spoken loudly and clearly on this issue: they believe that the time has come for us to abolish the implicit forms of bias and inequity that are built into our college admissions processes. “Abolish the Box” is the future: a future that must begin today. This is what democracy looks like in practice. I support this campaign without reservation.